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How Metro Started

Metro, Metro, Metro….

Everyone is wondering why Microsoft has started their new vision with Metro.

What is Metro? How did it come into existance? Why is Microsoft betting on it for its future?

These are all valid questions and I am here to answer them to the best of my ability.  I attended a Behind the Tiles event from Microsoft where I and a two other Lucky RSP’s( Daniel from ATT and Dave from TMobile), got an exclusive behind the scenes look and tour of Microsoft’s Tech Center. I watched a presentation on how Metro got started.

The whole idea started with the Swiss Movement in the 1960′s. They wanted a way to communicate to people through design, while being different yet direct. What was born from this movement was the font, Helvetica. It was the first simplestic yet sophistcated desgin font that delievered a clear and precise message. Microsoft knew with the rise of Apple and Android that they needed to make a change. They needed to be different but also wanted a clearer way to deliever its message. In the 1990′s, websites were filled with GIF’s and lots of clutter to show off what a designer could do. Java intro’s, animated titles, flashing live wallpapers, were all the rage in the early 2000′s via Myspace profiles. I was not one to succumb to all the flash that was implented because I could never learn enough HTML to do it. But I noticed that websites would take such a long time to load because of all the clutter and moving junk that I started to avoid any site that used it.

Microsoft saw this trend and needed a fresh start with their  OS. They wanted to stand apart and it all started with the font Segoe. Segoe was inspired by Helvetica and the Swiss movement that looked at design as a simple tool to deliever an exact message. There was no need for frills and moving parts,  Segoe was a new way to be clear, precise, and sexy. The New York subway system is filled with simple design and uses Helvetica to deliever its message. If your not a New York native the subway may seem scary to understand, as Android and Iphone users must think the same for Windows Phone. The system takes time to learn, as Windows Phone does to users whom don’t understand fully how the Live Tiles work, how your phone is a tool to productivity, and how it enables you to be connected at a glance.

Microsft has updated Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone to the same Metro Styling and is in full force. With Windows 8 launching sometime this Fall, the interconnectivity in the Apollo update across devices will blow everyone’s mind. Not only is Metro styling offerring a unique and uniformed experience, but using your Live ID will sync better to all devices and will carry your information with it.  No matter what device you use, it will always sync your information when you sign in to your Live ID. Metro styling isn’t just a new way to communicate, but it’s a new way of using the information you want, on the devices you want, whenever you want.



This post is about Editorials, Windows, Windows Phone. This post was written by Mateo Nunez.

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  1. markiz Says:

    Interesting read.

  2. iphone uk Says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I genuinely feel this website wants significantly a lot more consideration. I’ll probably be once again to read much a lot more, thanks for that info.

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  4. s2korpio Says:

    Ever since the first time I saw the Zune HD, there’s something about its design… Its font, that attracted me to it. It was so subtly different from the rest, in a very good way.

  5. scooter g! Says:

    Great Job – well written. Thought the mention on WPCentral was awesome!

  6. Mateo Nunez Says:

    Thanks everyone, @s2korpio I own a zune hd and that’s where I fell in love with the design as well!

    @scotterG Thanks man! It was a great surprise for me to wake up too! I thought it was great of those guys to cite Project Metro!

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